Day Sleep vs Night Sleep

You often read and are often been told that sleep is important and lack of sleep or poor sleep can negatively affect your body, but WHEN to sleep is something that you are not often told about, NIGHT is the time to sleep and day is the time to work and that is how nature has designed you. Going against Mother Nature can make negative effects to your body. Your brains are meant to rest and relax at night and prepare yourself for the better next day. Taking a night shift, working at night and sleeping during the day can push you towards health hazards like: restlessness, sleepiness, fatigue, decreased attention and disruption of the body’s metabolic process. Wrong attitude towards need of sleep and wrong scheduling can cause many problems for you if you choose to work at night. (1)

Here is how night working can affect you:

1. Disturbs Natural rhythms of body:

Human body is made to work in day and sleep during night, that is ‘circadian rhythm’ (2) if this procedure changes, then that can disturb your body’s natural cycle to feel sleep, also leading you to sleeplessness. (3)

2. Increased risk of Breast cancer

Women who prefer working at night are in increased risk of developing breast cancer then women who sleep during night. (4)

3. Increases risk of heart disease cancer and stroke

Scientists have found that working at night are linked with increased risk of developing diabetes and obesity which may lead to stroke, heart diseases and cancer. “No one knew that biological clocks in people’s digestive organs are so profoundly and quickly changed by shift work schedules, even though the brain’s master clock barely adapts to such schedules,” said Hans Van Dongen from WSU. (5)

4. Risk of depression is increased

According to the study people who worked at night were more prone to risk of insomnia, depression, and suicidal ideation. (6) Hence working at night can also have negative impact on your mental health.

5. Change in working of metabolism

Night working and not sleeping has shown in studies that there could be change in metabolism and appetite, and studies have shown that night workers have higher levels of triglycerides than day workers and also get irregular eating habits and poor diet—both of which could increase their risk of metabolic problems as well. (7)

6. Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency leads to low bone density, Vitamin D helps in absorption of calcium in your body, and if you lose sleep at night by working and sleep during day then you may develop problems that are caused due to deficiency of vitamin D as one of the rich source of vitamin D is exposure to early morning sunlight. (8)
Reversing sleep cycle can cause many negative effects to your body. On the other hand, proper night sleep makes your body healthy, fit, keeps you stress free and makes you wake up fresh and ready for the new day.
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