How Technology affects Sleep

Search of darkness was not before but from 20th century after lights were invented, they also got new challenges to sleep. Smart phones, tabs, laptops, computers television sets are become huge part in day to day living now days and you find it difficult to put them down even at bed time. You may not realise but technology may affect you more than you think it does. When you play video games, chat with your best friend, play games on your smart phone, surf over internet or use your phone to set alarm for next day, you are not aware that the bright lights of your screen is harmful for your sleep. Even keeping your bedroom lights brightly on for longer period of time might get it difficult for you to fall asleep. (1)

Here is how technology affects your sleep

1. Limits Melatonin

The bright lights of you smart phone, Television, laptops etc. limits the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep and wake cycle. (2) Reducing melatonin makes it difficult to fall asleep. Keeping yourself away from bright screens before 30 minutes you go to sleep can help.

2. Keeps your brain alert

Checking mails, breaking your own high scores in your favourite game, texting your best buddies right before going to bed might seem harmless, but that keeps your mind engaged and may make it feel to stay awake. If you are reading something interesting over social media that might make it more difficult to settle down sooner.

3. They wake you up

Just keeping your smart phones near you while you sleep doesn’t disturb your sleep. But imagine your phone beeping with continuous group messages other notifications can disturb you. It might not wake you up fully, but those might interrupt with your sleep.

Ways to keep yourself away from bright lights:

1.Dim the bedroom lights 30 minutes to 1 hour before you sleep, this will get your mind prepared to fall asleep.

2. Using a soft eyes mask can help you find it dark to fall asleep.

3. Keep yourself away from exposing to bright lights 30 minutes before bed time.

4. Setting right bedroom environment can also help, to make it even better, keep your bedroom free from technologies, including your television set.

Music can help:
Studies and data show that music can help people fall asleep. (3) But the kind of music you choose to listen while you sleep makes the difference. Rock music or party hits can make your body move and let you to dance. Listening to soft music with relatively slow beat will make you fall asleep. But ‘headphones’ can hurt your ears.
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