Importance of comfort when you Travel

Let us think of all the things that make you feel comfortable at home – cozy slippers, pyjamas, loose hair ties, favourite sweater in cold days, sofa to curl yourself in front of TV with hot coffee and more, but when you are outside your home you are also outside your ‘comfort zone’ to some extent. But in another terms getting out of your comfort zone is important for your growth and success. Because comfort zone is behavioural space where your activities and behaviours fit a routine and pattern that minimizes stress and risk. (1) Taking risks is what makes you grow and trying new things make you more creative. But doing things without getting yourself stressed seems to be bit difficult and you will need some support to make yourself better always.
Among all other support you have heard of, we are talking about supporting your neck, supporting you to rest, sleep or feel better while you are travelling.
At Recron, We have Travel nap pillows for supporting your neck, so that you don’t drowse on person sitting next to you.

1. Features of a travel Pillow:

1.It supports your head: Recron Travel pillow supports your neck and head so that you will feel comfortable by relaxing your muscles while you sleep.

2.Carrying Convenience: Recron Travel pillow is most convenient and you can carry it along with you anywhere.

3.Soft feel: Along with being supportive and easy to carry, Recon travel pillow is soft enough to give you a comfortable sleep, so that you wake up fresh for new start.

2. Other Uses of a Travel Pillow:
Obviously your travel pillow can be a great use to you while you travel, but there are also other uses of it like:

1.You can also carry Recron Travel Pillow to your office, so that your neck can have a support while you sit on your chair for 8-10 long hours.

2.You can also use it to take short naps at work. According to a study, taking short naps is better than sipping coffee because it makes you feel fresher, and it improves your brain’s learning capacity, (2) improves alertness, (3)

3.While you drive, especially for long distance, you might experience pain in your neck and shoulders after some time and while driving on bad roads, this pain might get worse. You can use Recron travel pillow, it gives you comfort by supporting your neck. If driving is your profession or passion, keeping Recron Travel pillow can be your supporting best friend.