Importance of Sleep in Older Adults

When it comes to myths of sleeping, they say ‘you need less sleep as you grow older’ but the fact is that- older people need to sleep as much as a teen sleeps. (7-8 hours a day) (1) On the other hand sleeping habits depends from person to person. But many older adults get less sleep.

Reasons causing sleeplessness in older adults:

1.Irregular sleeping habits, sleeping in front of television, alcohol consumption in late evenings. Setting right bedroom temperature, setting your sleeping schedule might help.

2.Medical conditions are another reasons that cause sleeplessness during old age like: Arthritis, asthma, diabetes can make you feel difficult to sleep, talking to your doctor for proper solutions will help

3.Lack of physical exercise can contribute to your sleeplessness, yoga and meditation can help you get sleep.

4.Another main reason is ‘stress’ caused by changes in life style caused due to retirement, moving away from family, death of loved one. Find someone whom you can talk to about it. This might help you.

5.Social engagement, family and work can keep your body’s activity lever higher, that in turn prepares you for good sleep at night. Lack of social engagement can cause sleeplessness.

Why is sleep so important for you at old age?

Adequate sleep is more important for a senior people because with that your concentration and memory formation improves, Increases alertness during the hours you are awake. Reduces depression, stress, reduces usage of medication, regulates your appetite and gives you good cardiovascular health, helping you lead a well maintained body and mind. (2)

We can surely help

Body tends to become less pain bearable during old age, (3) even bit of body pain or pain in spine in neck can lead to serious illness. “Do not ignore persistent pain in any part of the body, be it neck pain, lower back pain or nerve pain. Don’t wait for it to seriously disrupt your daily activities,” says Dr Tan Kian Hian, Senior Consultant and Director of the Pain Management Centre at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the Sing Health group. (3) Just like your walking stick support you walk, so do we support you sleep. At Recon, we make comfortable mattress, blankets, pillows that help you get adequate sleep that makes your body rest well.