Myths and facts about Sleep

Studies show that every individual needs adequate sleep for better performance and safety. When you are sleep deprived, your brain falls short of being creative and does takes in important facts as well. (1) Myths about sleeping are common, and many of you might not even know that it’s a myth and have kept on believing it. Here are few myths about sleeping:

1. Myth: Few hours of sleep is enough as you grow older

Fact: Although sleep needs depends upon person to person, studies show on an average, one should sleep for 7-9hours per day. (2) Sleep is as important as other basic need: Food, clothing and shelter. Getting a quality sleep is as essential need in every stage of your life. Sleep is not an option, it is necessity. (3)

2. Myth: Sleep doesn’t have to do anything with health issues like obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

Fact: lack of quality sleep cause many health issues to your body. If you don’t sleep well, you metabolism will not work properly and you might gain extra kilos. (4) When you fall short of sleep, your body finds it difficult for hormones that balance sugar levels to do their job, hence you might get type 2 diabetes. (5) Sleep helps your blood regulate stress hormones, and helps your nervous system remain healthy. If you lack sleep, you are at risk of developing high blood pressure. (6)

3. Myth: During sleep your brain isn’t active

Fact: It’s only body that sleeps and rests, whereas when you sleep, your brain still control your body functions and gets itself recharged. Sleep is important to make your memory stronger. (7)

4. Myth: Sleep isn’t a priority

Fact: It isn’t ok to get less sleep. Adults should get 7-9hours of sleep, (8) for best performance, good health and safety. Sleep should be given priority.

5. Myth: It is possible to fall sleep anywhere

Fact: Comfortable bedding is also a factor that is necessary to give you good sleep. Mattress should support your back and spine properly, otherwise you make wake up experiencing pain in back and shoulders. If the movement of person sleeping next to you disturbs you, then your mattress needs to be changed. Pillows should be soft enough to give your neck a proper support and blankets should be soft enough, rough blankets might get you skin rash and disturb you while sleeping.
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