Surprising Benefits of Bolsters

Have you ever faced constant discomfort when you try to relax after a hectic day and if you are already in pain then have you noticed that pain getting worse? Proper support for the body is very important for you if you are suffering from lot of discomfort due to your certain physical conditions like lower back pain.
Bolsters are often used to relieve pain or used as decorative item, have you ever thought that a bolster can be just beyond it?

Here are surprising benefits of a bolster:

1. Aid for lower back pain

Get yourself with a bolster if you get lower back pain. All you have to do is, place a bolster under your knees by sleeping on your back. As your knees lift by placing a bolster under it, your hips will round your lower back and can relieve pressure and tight muscles helping your aching back relax. (1)

2. Sleeping with bolster can help

Getting yourself a quality sleep gives you many benefits, (2) amongst which is ‘body repairs itself’. Sleeping with bolster may not take away your pain. But it will help you sleep well for the night. This can be your first step towards pain free morning.

3. Superb Footrest

Sitting at work in improper position for longer time can get you pain. Getting a footrest can help you sit straight offering your spine some rest by pressure reduction. (3) Use can use bolster as a foot rest while you work or when you sit on a sofa, place a bolster as a stool under your foot to relax yourself.

4. Helpful as a baby prop

Along with many other benefits of bolters to babies, (4) most common and more important ones are- You can place bolsters under your baby’s armpits. This gives your baby a protection from rolling over in sleep. This also helps your baby getting good posture as by placing bolsters on both side while baby is asleep keeps him on his back for longer period of time. Your need for keeping your baby in healthy posture can be achieved.

5. Comforting your sleep

According to psychology, snuggling unto something while you sleep helps you sleep better and relax. It shows you value strong personal connections. (5) Bolster can be your mate who you can hug to get a quality sleep.

At Recron, we have perfect round shape for bolsters that gives it better look. The perfect shape and filling gives sturdiness to it, thereby providing firm support to your body. The filling quantity makes the use of back bolsters extremely comfortable. It can be used for the room interiors in hotels, cars as well as in cafes. You can also use Recron bolsters where ever you feel the need of comfort for your posture.