The Bed Sheet Guide

How do you select on which bed sheet to buy? Do you consider only the colour and print? Pattern and colour of the bed sheet might be the most noticeable factor, but there are other factors that are far more important and to be checked before you choose to buy a bed sheet.

Here is a bed sheet guide:

1. Thread count

Thread count means the amount of horizontal and vertical threads used in per square inch of a bed sheet. Bed sheets with 200 – 800 thread count are considered to be good. Generally it means higher the thread count, softer the sheet. But you cannot assume that if the thread counts are low then the quality of the bed sheet will also be low because there are also 200 thread counts cotton sheets that are so nicely finished that you might feel they have high thread counts, this might be because of nice finishing given to the product rather than use of more chemicals. (1)

2. Weaves
The different ways you weave into the fabric it produces different feel. Weaving techniques create:

1.Standard weave: It’s considered to be soft and smooth (2)

2.Sateen weave: It’s most elegant, but easily wrinkles and not considered to be durable (2) (3)

3.Twill weave: recognized by a distinctive diagonal line pattern, these bed sheets don’t wrinkle much as compared to others. (2). Considering the different weave, you can choose what comforts your sleep as well as goes with trend.

3. Fabric
Some of the common fabrics used for bed sheets are: (4)

1.Cotton: The most popular fabric used for bed sheets is cotton, it is considered to be soft and durable. Amongst several types of cotton found, most common ones are: Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, Upland cotton, Supima®, MicroCotton®

2.Flannel: Bed sheets made up of Flannel are more commonly used during winters.

3.Silk: If you want to give your bedding a luxurious look, consider silk bed sheets. Common disadvantages can be its high price and gentleness while handling, as they are delicate.

4.Polyester: Bed sheets made from these can be cost effective, durable, stain resisting. Polyester can be a good choice for your child’s bedroom.

4. Colour, Prints and Patterns
Patterns vary from strips, checks, floral and much more. 3D patterns are latest introduced, they give new look to your bed sheets.
While choosing amongst solid colour or printed bed sheets, here is a tip: if you have decorative elements or your furniture or fancy designs on your wall, choose for plain colour bed sheets. If you have plain colour walls and very less decorated furniture then go for printed bed sheets, this will give attractive look to your bedroom.
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