Top 10 Reasons to sleep enough

Not only Food, clothing and shelter, but also SLEEP is our one of our basic and essential need. Importance of sleep is way beyond making you feel fresh and removing dark circles under your eyes. Sleeping on time regularly and getting good sleep can do wonders to your body, Mind and health.

Top 10 reasons why sleep is so important

1. Good Sleep Improves Memory

Sleeping replays, the acts and practises you did during the day, helping you to remember things for longer period of time. (1) It is advisable for students to have good sleep during the night before appearing to exams, good sleep will help remember the things they have memorised, for longer period of time.

2. Weight Management

Researchers have found that if you sleep well you feel less hungry compared to people who get less sleep than 6 hours. (2) Also sleeping at night reduces mid night snacking which is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

3. Improves academic performances

Children who have sleeping disorders are more likely to develop attention problems during school hours and among college students, their grades were low compared to students who got enough sleep –study according to 2010 Journal Sleep. “Students who generally got a good night’s sleep performed better on exams,” said study co-author Dr. Stijn Baert, a researcher at Ghent University. (3)

4. Relieves from Depression

Not only kids who get irritated by less sleep, but even adults who don’t get enough sleep get mood swings and more irritated over silly things. Sleeping well means avoiding irritability. According to psychology, half of the problems is because of your overthinking about the issues which are sometimes not even there- this makes you feel sad and depressed. Sleeping leads you to stop thinking about your problem for a particular time period and may also lead you find solutions. If you are a moody person- sleep decreases your anxiety and you get more emotional stability with good sleep. (4)

5. Encourages creativity

People seem to strengthen the emotional components during sleep and this may encourage you to think more creatively. Recent research suggests that sleep is essential for both learning and creativity. People seem to strengthen the emotional components during sleep and this may encourage you to think more creatively. It’s no surprise that people who are well rested learn better and are more creative. (5)

6. Keeps your heart healthy

Lack of sleep increases blood pressure and cholesterol levels which is high risk of getting heart diseases and stroke. Your heart will be healthier if you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. (6)

7. Sleep helps body to fight back

While you are sleeping your body produces extra protein molecules that strengthens your ability to fight infection. (7)

8. Sleep can be a pain killer

If you are suffering from injury like sprained ankle or you get sudden headache, resting and sleeping for some time can make you feel better.
Also sleep is considered as one of the best pain killer. (8)

9. Sleeping improves your smartness

Rather than sipping coffee or tea, taking short naps can improve brain affectivity and productivity

10. Improves overall performances

In India we believe to have curd and sugar before starting important events- it’s for better performances they believe. But getting good sleep before starting a new day improves your overall performances- is a proven fact. Sleeping benefits your quality of living. According to the study conducted, researchers found that people who slept well do their regular work more efficiently compared to people who spent sleepless nights. (9)
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