Top 10 Tips for Healthy Sleep

Good night sleep is equally important like healthy and regular exercise. According to research conducted in various parts of the world over a period of time, says that people who get poor sleep or lack of sleep have negative impacts on body, mind and their lives. For both Adults and children, Lack of sleep may cause various problems including weight gain, memory issues, Heart diseases and so on (1)
On the other hand just getting good night sleep might solve many problems from your lives, like: living healthier, helping in improving your overall performances, getting good grades in academics, getting you out of depression and many other benefits. (2)
Over the past few decades, both sleep quality and quantity has declined. In fact, many people regularly get poor sleep. (3)

Here are Top 10 evidence-based tips to sleep better at night.

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1. Avoid Caffeine consumption late in the day

Caffeine has many benefits and 90% of US population consumes caffeine (4) (5) Caffeine intake increases memory, increases stamina during exercise, can stimulate hair growth and has many other health benefits. (6)
But consuming caffeine may slower down your body’s natural relaxing system, making it finding difficult in falling asleep. According to a study conducted, caffeine remains in the blood for 6-8 hours therefore having caffeine in the late evenings is big NO, especially if you have sleep troubles (7)

2. Avoid daytime sleep or naps

Short time naps are considered to be beneficial, but again it varies from person to person, if you are someone who finds it difficult to sleep at night if you had a day time nap or heavy sleep- then better is avoid it. Sleeping in day time can confuse your mind and body’s sleep schedule as a result you may get poor sleep or spend sleepless night. (8)

3. Keep a consistent sleep schedule

Try keeping a set time to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends or during vacations, this way our body will get a habit of adjusting itself with the schedule and after few weeks you might not need an alarm clock to wake you up. (9)

4. Avoid alcohol intake

Alcohol intake disturbs normal sleeping patterns and increases day time sleepiness producing health effects from disturbed sleep. (10)

5. Take a relaxing shower

Taking bath in the evening helps your body to stay cool, hygienic and induces sleep. Studies have shown that warming your body by taking a bath in the evenings can help induce sleep. (11)

6. Regular Exercise, but not right before bed

Exercise is one of the best science-backed ways to improve your sleep and health. Exercising regularly reduces stress, relieves anxiety, and improves sleep quality and quantity also helping you with insomnia and other sleep disorders. (12) Although daily exercise is key for a good night’s sleep, performing it too late in the day may also cause problems falling asleep for some people.

7. Avoid drinking any liquids right before bed

Hydration is equally important, but it’s wise to reduce on fluid intake in the late evenings, Make sure that you use the bathroom right before going to bed, which may decrease your chances of waking in the night.

8. Make Sleep the Priority, Take this message seriously

There are many health effects of poor sleeping and disturbed sleep on your mind and body like: Impaired memory, stress, less alertness and so on. (13) As you prioritise other things in life, make your health and sleep a priority can make a positive impact.

9. Set bedroom temperature

Bedroom temperature can make a big impact on your sleep quality, we all at some part of life faced sleep difficulty during summers when it’s too hot. Studies found that bedroom temperature affected sleep quality even more than external noise. (14) (15)

10. Get yourself a comfortable bed, mattress and pillow

Some people wonder that why they feel good and comfortable sleeping in hotels and why not in their own homes. Reason might be the quality of your bed, mattress and pillow disturbing your sleep. One study looked at the benefits of a new mattress for 28 days. They found it reduced back pain by 57%, shoulder pain by 60%, back stiffness by 59% and improved sleep quality by 60% (16) Research shows that your bed, mattress and pillow can greatly impact sleep quality and joint or back pain. Try to buy a high-quality mattress and bedding every 5–8 years.
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