Top 4 Reasons why your kid should sleep well

As a parent you always want the best for your children. Even before the baby is born your plans are ready for each everything for welcoming your junior. You start from decorating the room to planning names for your baby. With many good dreams and plans you got for your kid there is also one more thing you should consider, Yes! SLEEP, because in your baby’s early milestones, Sleep plays a very important role in getting him ready for better tomorrow.
When childhood spent getting good sleep keeps him prepared for better tomorrow. It is beyond your child just getting irritated when not slept well.

Here are Top 4 reasons why your kid should sleep well.

1. Sleep promotes growth

In the mornings when you sometimes feel that your baby got bigger overnight, you might be right, because growth hormones is secreted in deep sleep. (1) Sleep is more important for children as it directly impacts mental and physical development. (2)

2. Baby Dreams

Experts say that babies dream, and dream from even before they are born. Dreaming is natural and very important stage of brain development from very early stage. Dreams affect our emotional and mental wellbeing. (3) To get that perfect brain development at proper age for babies, letting them have a good quality sleep is necessary.

3. Sleep affects Weight

Less sleep is often linked with obesity right from the early stage. (4) There are evidences that show that lack of sleep makes your child obese. (5) It is very important to understand the importance of sleep for your kid’s health to help them keep away from those extra kilos in the future.

4. Sleep encourages learning

Brain processes information during sleep. 10% of kids in early education suffer from sleep disturbances that disturbs learning, according to a German study. A 2011 study of 6 and 7 year old children shows that language skills, grammar, spelling and reading comprehension suffer when kids get less than 9 hours of sleep at night. (6) Sleep is not only important to give your kid some rest from playful day, but also important for getting good scores.
Sleep is not only important to keep your kid away from getting irritable and fussy. Sleep is as important as proper nutritious food and play for kids. And to make their sleep time comfortable we at Recron, have soft feel and extreme comfort and support baby beds for the babies which are antimicrobial treated which makes it extremely hygienic for the new-borns. Consisting baby bed along with a baby pillow, baby quilt and a mosquito net and is extremely light weight and portable. We also have perfectly soft and comfortable mattresses, pillows and warm blankets to give your growing children a perfect quality sleep.