Why adequate sleep is important for pregnant women?

All the activities you do when pregnant is you do for two. Even your baby in womb responds with motion to activities you do. Ultra sound has shown foetus moving up and down when mother laughs aloud. Also, your baby can recognise voice and understand lot many things when in womb, studies say. (1) So, healthy living and healthy habits are good for you and your baby as well, along with healthy food, pregnancy exercises and thoughtful steps, Proper sleep is equally important for you when you are a mom to be.
Sleep loss during pregnancy can create complications while giving birth.
When you don’t get adequate and good quality comforting sleep during pregnancy that might affect you while giving birth and also affect your baby with low weight. Lack of sleep leads to depression and depression during pregnancy is another risk factor for complication during giving birth. Poor sleep and depression were both linked with high risk for birth complications (2)
Pregnancy is the time of joy, excitement and wait for new one, and also it can be a period of sleep disturbance for many women. According to research 78% of women report disturbed sleep, even if they had it never before. (3) Extra care during pregnancy is important need for both mom and baby as discomforts like fatigue, nausea and vomiting, heartburn and indigestion, bleeding gums and other discomforts during pregnancy are common. (4) Due to all these discomforts you face while carrying, you also get restless and might be your comfortable sleeping position might not help you fall asleep or get good sleep since it might not be suitable for your baby bump. But we can make your pregnancy sleep comfortable with Recron Pregnancy pillows. These pillows are longer than normal pillows, giving support to your complete body and help you sleep comfortably in certain positions in later stages of pregnancy when stomach sleeping position becomes difficult.

Advantages of using Recron Pregnancy Pillows:

1.They provide support to your legs, shoulders, hips and neck by adjusting perfectly to your body.

2.It allows you to sleep in half- foetal position, this is the position doctors highly recommend. (5)

3.They provide perfect lumbar back support. Intense back pain or back numbness, pain in the neck, back and knees are common during pregnancy, Research studies show that 50-80% women experience a kind of lumbar pain through the pregnancy and even beyond. (6) if you are going through this pain, Recron pregnancy pillow would be the best option for your relief.

4.Pregnancy pillows not only help you to have a good sleep during pregnancy, but also are helpful as a support to you after birthing, by supporting you when you hold your baby while breast feeding.

From when to start using Recron Pregnancy pillow?

From 20 weeks of being pregnant, because when your tummy starts showing at this point of time causing you pain in body parts. Though there isn’t a recommended stage to start using pregnancy pillows, 20 weeks or slightly earlier, is an acceptable stage to start using Recron Pregnancy pillows to get sound and comfortable sleep. We have various types of pregnancy pillows (for side sleeping, Back sleeping, long pillows, back support pillows) suiting your comfort zone according to how you prefer to sleep.